A Consider the Lifestyle of Langstone Hughes Through His Novel Permit America Be America Again

Langston Hughes is often considered a tone of voice of the African-American persons and a

prime exemplory case of the magnificence of the Harlem Renaissance. His writing does

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embody these titles, but the idea of Langston Hughes that portrays a black

man's rise to poetic greatness from the depths of poverty and repression are

largely exaggerated. America regularly confuses the tips of segregation,

suppression, and struggle connected with African-American history and imposes

these ideas onto the stories of several black historical statistics and artists. While

many of these have struggled with these confines place after them by American

society, Langston Hughes didn't fulfill this historic stereotype because of his

personal wealth, education, and recognized victory (Early 1). James Mercer

Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri on February 1, 1902. His father,

James Nathaniel Hughes was a legal professional and businessman and his mom, Carrie

Mercer (Langston) Hughes was a schoolteacher. The dual cash flow from his parents

appropriated him with cash that he employed for his education also to start his

poetry career (Langston Hughes 1). This is an edge unknown to many