An Evaluation of the Historical Display in the Intro of Christianity By Sister Merkle

Sister Merkle

Historical Presentation

Intro. to Christianity


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- born c.185

- was among the most learned & most initial Christian teachers of our time

- he offered as a teacher of the Catechumens in the church in Alexandria

- he was the most prolific author of the pre-Nicene church

- providing many

- he dictated around 2,000 works

- Origen developed doctrinal and apologetic functions aswell as commentaries on the majority of the books in the Bible

- he traveled a lot allowing him to be popular among the Christian leaders of the world

- his writings reflect fantastic spiritual insights, on the other hand some show unsound theological speculations

- it really is believed that Origen was excommunicated from the church as a heretic

- somebody who holds a belief that's not the same as that of the church