An Research of the Perceptions of Profanity with regards to Age and Gender


Profanity is the utilization of language that is regarded as impolite or offensive. Profanity is the use of words that are referred to as bad, foul, or vulgar in some culture (Chrisler and McCreary 14). Profanity can be termed as swearing that's based on negative actions and thoughts. Usage of such thoughts in the society could cause offence, cause insults, exhibit rudeness, or show terrible behavior (Chrisler and McCreary 19). Though the use of such words isn't accepted in the contemporary society, many people still utilize them and their amounts are increasing. People use such words because they're mad, they happen to be disappointed, or they have been offended (Chrisler and McCreary 26). Though such causes can justify the utilization of profanity, it is necessary that folks in the society figure out how to use a language which will depict them nearly as good role models to younger ones. Good role modeling and societal norms form the foundations which good morals are built and must be managed for a moral world in future. In order to really have the true photo of the perceptions of profanity in regards to age and gender, the next research was conducted.

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There are various perceptions of profanity with regards to gender