An Examination of the Character types of Myrtle Wilson, George Wilson and Jordan Baker in THE FANTASTIC Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

In the novel The Superb Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the minor character types play

an important role in adding to the plot, theme and present the reader an

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overall knowledge of the novel all together. The three most significant minor

characters in the novel happen to be Myrtle Wilson, Tom BuchananР’'s magic formula mistress,

George Wilson, MyrtleР’'s husband and who owns a run-down garage on the side

of the street leading into the city, and lastly Jordan Baker, an beautiful young

woman golfer who's a compulsive liar, she as well eventually becomes extra and more

involved with Nick Carroway, the narrator. All three of the characters

contribute a great package to the novel all together. Though their parts will be small,

without them the novel wouldn't normally be the masterpiece that it's. Jordan Baker is

the minor character with the largest part. she actually is seen frequently throughout the

novel. Jordan BakerР’'s most striking top quality is her dishonestly. She actually is tough

and aggressive-a tournament golfer who's therefore hardened by competition and because

ot that she actually is ready to do anything to earn. At the end