Analyzing Capital Punishment in Edward Earl Johnson's Documentary "A FORTNIGHT in May"

Capital Punishment -Edward Earl Johnson

Edward Earl Johnson was put in loss of life row when he was eighteen. A documentary was made when he was twenty-six, called “a fortnight in-may.” Edward claimed all along that he was innocent however he was nonetheless executed. The documentary showed he previously resided for eight years at the Parchment state penitentiary, Mississippi (loss of life row.) Edward was place to death row for the attempted rape of an elderly light woman and the murder of a white colored Marshall. The documentary tried out showing his innocence, the process of this is exactly what this essay will come to be about.

The opening scenes from the documentary confirmed the Parchment Point out Penitentiary. You saw a large building within barbwire (sharp more than enough to have sliced you to bits). Within the building were a huge selection of doors separated by metal doorways. When you observed the prisoners cells, each of the prisoners were all position with there hands reached out where the camera tried to emphasise the idea of “slavery.” You found shots of the gas chamber, inside sat the couch Edward passed away in, with the belts that strapped him in. It confirmed almost all of the personnel treating the prisoners like slaves, you check out them employed in lines digging in the areas with the personnel watching over them on the horses with their whips. This just showed how little issues have altered since slavery. A pep talk that the superintendent provided to personnel about “off colour remarks” proves that there is racism at the Parchment Sate Penitentiary.

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The documentary showed lots of the interviews. The interview